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By the Bog of Cats

Play written by Marina Carr

"My artistic point of view for this production is that Hester is a sort of tragic heroine. As she suffers a break from rationality and begins to lose everything, the design of the play will follow her. The point of view for visual design will come from Hester’s feeling of abandonment, which wraps her in a cold, unforgiving landscape and never lets up. The design should have a rawness to it, which is hard to articulate but will be shown through a stark color palette and rough-around-the-edges visuals on stage. The lighting design will use shadows for contrast and to fragment Hester’s world. I would like to stay in a more neutral color palette at first, with warm whites and dull blues covering most of the stage. As the play progresses, more colors will seep into the world and make it feel much less realistic and more like a fever-dream, disrupting any sense of unity on stage and unbalancing the visual."

Visual research images for By the Bog of Cats

"New" Music Project

song by John Powell and Gavin Greenaway

"We are taking one simple thing, i.e. a single dancer on stage, and using light to transform them into something magical and wonderful, that can grow and change in a sort of metamorphosis throughout the piece. We will to incorporate mystery, fantasy, and liveliness without being too obviously strict or straightforward with the narrative elements of the piece’s storyline. I’ll play with the saturation of colors, shadows, and silhouettes to give the illusion that there are different light sources of all different kinds (maybe magical) around the space. Since this piece is primarily a solo, I’ll balance the lights in some way from all sides, so the dancer remains the focal point but doesn’t feel lost on the stage on their own."

Light studio photographs of "New"

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