Some things you might want to know about who I am.

Drafting This is me.

My name is Jordan, but you can call me Jords or Jo, whatever floats your boat.
I'm a small town kid and a soon-to-be graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara (part of the cursed class of 2020).

Over the past four years I've earned myself a Bachelor's degree in Dance with two minors in Professional Writing and Theater Production Design. I've performed in faculty dance concerts, interned for online editorials, put on an independent showcase, written for the school newspaper, choreographed a musical, and managed to survive a lot of stuff.

Oh yeah, and I learned how to be a lighting designer.

Mamma Mia Tech
When I took my first introductory lighting design class it was basically on a dare. But I did okay.
Luckily, they decided to keep me.

I got the privelege of learning from the best, and being thrown into the deep end. The first time I designed lights for a show, it was the UCSB Dance department's summer session showcase. About half a year later, I hobbled around campus on a broken foot (spot the crutch in that photo) working on every dance show in the department at the same time.

Needless to say, I was thoroughly hooked.

Productions and graduation may have been cancelled, but I can assure you that you'll find me out there again as soon as I get the chance, trying to work my way into any dance concert or musical or performance that has a use for lights.

If it counts for anything: I have an affinity for superheroes, J.R.R. Tolkein, and the color yellow.

And I'm prone to spontaneous tap dancing.