The Little Talking Duck In My Brain

No, I'm not crazy. Let me explain.

here is why:

A wonderfully helpful and rather hysterical online tutorial from HTML Dog taught me the infinite joys of HTML coding. For this to make sense to you, I'd reccomend taking a second to investigate it and following along with said web tutorial if you haven't already, particularly the section explaining lists.

Go on. Do it. Come back here when you're done.



This. This is the tutorial. Click this.



Welcome back.

You get it now, right?

Because those guys had you practice on your own, and you had to type this nonsese into your computer:

"To the little talking duck in my brain."

"To the little talking duck in my brain."

"To the little talking duck in my brain."

Confused duck

Like, seriously. They made you do that.

At first I thought, "This is ridiculous," and then I thought, "No, this is hilarious."

I, too, have a little talking duck in my head. His name is Jean Pierre and I love him, and I appreciate finally being validated for my dellusions.

So, I decided I wanted to do something with that.

here's what i did:

I dedicated my first practice webpage to that little talking duck in my brain. Here are some facts about Jean Pierre:

  1. He is a four-inch tall yellow rubber duck.
  2. He is Belgian.
  3. He is a scorpio.
  4. His hobbies include:
  5. He serves as a metaphor for the decline of the American higher education system and the pressure put on young adults to succeed regardless of the toll it takes on their mental and physical well-being when they push themselves too hard and suffer from chronic anxiety and exhaustion caused by ungodly amounts of stress.
  6. He loves Shania Twain.

Now, I know I'm not the only one who has a little talking duck, so I would like you all to think really hard about yours right now. Seriously. Think really, really hard about this duck.

Got it? Good! Share with the class! :)

Yes, I'm totally serious.

This is actually what I'm doing.

We are quarantined and there is nothing to do so just humor me for a second, okay.

Yelling duckling


Note: It looks the part, but won't do a damned thing. I just copied this from the tutorial.

Your duck's name is...

Your duck's nationality is...

Your duck's astrological sign is...

Your duck is:





...a duck?

Your duck likes:





This is insane...

Your duck wears:

A top hat

A raincoat

A hand-stitched silk robe


Something else!

I have no idea and I hate this.

Your duck eats:





Fine Italian cuisine


This duck is vegan.

Um... Jordan? Are you okay?

Give your duck a backstory (this is a writing class, after all):

Giant rubber duck 2

Thank you for your cooperation.